November 2023

LiGHT 23 Workshop

Concluding the [d]arc thoughts programme at LiGHT 23, The Lighting Police held its inaugural hands-on workshop, taking attendees on a tour of the surrounding area.

In a dynamic mix of lighting expertise and
diverse professional backgrounds, the
educational platform The Lighting Police (TLP)
hosted its first in-person workshop as the
closing activity of LiGHT 23.

Article :

The Impact of Exterior Lighting

As the issue of light pollution becomes more recognised within the lighting design community, a panel of experts discuss the various factors to consider when designing exterior lighting, from environmental and ecological impacts to wider cultural differences.

arc editor Matt Waring speaks with Gary Thornton (The Lighting Police, Nulty), Daniel Lemajic (TLS International), Alison Gallagher (Arup) and Aiman Shah (Isometrix) about the various aspects to consider when designing lighting for exterior environments.

Held as part of the [d]arc thoughts programme at [d]arc room pop-up @ Design London, in association with Lutron.

Clerkenwell Design Week

As part of Clerkenwell 2023, darc magazine hosted a [d]arc thoughts programme with the lighting and design industry as part of the Light exhibition in the House of Detention.

The educational international platform The Lighting Police invites everyone to participate in an interactive fun session focusing on designed and not designed light, highlighting important elements that we take for granted in our daily life and not noticing how they are affecting our health and well-being. The session will be moderated by four members of the advisory board of the project and at the end of the session, we are certain that everyone will leave empowered to start observing more and aiming for better lighting conditions in their lives!

Speakers: Gary Thornton - Nulty; Inessa Lomas - ARUP; James Poore - JPLD; Kael Gillam - Hoare Lea

Talk with Jane Slade



The Lighting Police project in collaboration with Anatomy of Night celebrated the international day of light on 16th May by doing a very interesting and informative instagram live session between Jane Slade and our founder, Katia Kolovea!

Thank you to all those who joined the live session and made it engaging with your questions, comments and praise! We are grateful to have your support and a community that is now growing! 🙏🏻

📌 For those who might have missed the event, we have recorded the event and we are re-sharing it here so you can watch it and let us know your thoughts, if you have any questions or want to know more on a particular aspect, we are here to support you and start conversations!!

We were very inspired by the talk, thank you Jane Slade for sharing your passion and raising awareness on the importance of darkness!

Some of our favourite lines from the discussion that got us thinking 👇🏻

🔹 Darkness is a guided meditation.

🔹 Not ‘Light’ the right term would be ‘Night’ Pollution, ‘Light’ is the polluting agent and ‘Night’ is being affected as a result of its misuse.

🔹 Bird use map of the stars to migrate. When we pollute the sky with light at night, we blind birds to find their way properly.

🔹 If we can get the stars back, light pollution can be one of the easiest practical aspect of climate change to solve.

If you all are equally inspired by the quotes by Jane as we are, do follow @anatomyofnight on instagram to know more about the project and raise awareness!


🔹The Lighting Police is delighted to announce our very 1st webinar with BHA School of lighting!

🔹 Katia Kolovea, Founder of TLP shared the project’s vision, goals and processes.

🔹BHA School of lighting, based in South Africa, offers practical, relevant & contemporary lighting courses designed for architects, electrical engineers, interior designers and lighting professionals.

🔹The webinar delved into the three most important topics we need to communicate to the general public and analyse the importance of engagement, constructive conversations, awareness, and the lighting designer’s responsibility in shaping a better future.

You are very welcome to check the highlights on Instagram here ✨ 

If you are interested in watching it all - reach out to our team!

Thank you Philip Hammond and Daniel Hammond for the invitation ✨️

BHA School of Lighting Design


🟡🔵 “SAY IT WITH LIGHT” The Conversation 💡

✨ For International Day of Light 2023, the Lighting Police partnered up with the Light Research Center, CILUZ and invited you to celebrate together and participate in our global creative challenge!

👉 This initiative was all about raising awareness about the importance of adequate light in our lives and the spaces that surround us asking everyone to communicate a message virtually on a local landmark and utilize Instagram tools to share it with all of us! You can watch the results here

🔹 On this conversation, Ximena Muñoz Abogabir from Ciluz and Katia Kolovea from The Lighting Police, interviewed Thomas Schielke and Delight Lab, Andrea and Octavio Gana, and talked about light and communication, their work and their vision for the future! 🌍 Enjoy the discussion!

👉 Be aware of the light around you, spot cases that trigger discussion and share them through your lighting stories. Let’s raise awareness together!

Join the Lighting Police

Submit your case studies and let's together raise awareness.

Start observing the light around you and most importantly talk about it!