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Are you a passionate expert in lighting, sustainability, sociology, architecture, urban planning, or landscape architecture? Are you eager to collaborate with a diverse group of professionals to illuminate the profound impact of light in our lives?

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Core Expert Advisory Board Member

Core experts are the members who are an integral part of the project and
contribute to two or more lighting topics depending on their expertise throughout the year. Core experts also participate on various in-person initiatives such as workshops and panel discussions representing the TLP project.

Subject Expert Advisory Board Member

Subject experts are the members who provide their expertise on dedicated topics and contribute for a selective time throughout their chosen topics. Some of the tasks are providing research and information following our open call plus constructively reviewing the content that the TLP team has created before it gets posted.



Advisory board

The Advisory Board of The Lighting Police Project currently comprises Lighting Experts, Manufacturers, Educators, and Designers. Our vision is to expand the board by including experts from additional industries, such as sociologists and environmental experts. These diverse experts, based in various countries globally, represent the project and actively participate in talks, workshops, and educational content development. They review our simplified content, suggest improvements, and provide case studies, research, and papers on relevant subjects.

Brenda Castilo

Architect with a focus on museum design from UNAM. She co-directs Circadia, a project that dialogues in the language of light. She is also part of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), in charge of regional coordination in Mexico and is the co-founder of Luz sin Fronteras México (LSFM), a non-profit organization focused on lighting projects of a social nature.

Chiara Carucci advisory board the lighting police

Chiara Carucci

Chiara Carucci, IALD Associate, is an award-winning Lighting Designer with a focus on public realm, especially where conservation and biodiversity are at issue. Her vision is to protect the heritage, while looking at the future.. Chiara combines her professional activity with thought leadership and advocacy for the Lighting Design. She's a frequent speaker, writer and mentor for young professionals.

Claudia Paz Advisory Board

Claudia Paz

Creative Director Claudia Paz Lighting Studio IALD Professional Member (International Association of Lighting Designers) IES Member (Illuminating Engineering Society) CLD (Certified Lighting Designer) Passionate about her life and work with Light, demonstrated in her projects that transmit this emotion and makes them an experience. Studied Architecture, she consider herself a lighting designer dedicating more than 15 years to Lighting Design. Always thinking in new creative ways to use light and generate emotions in people. She shares her passion, emotion and energy with us in conferences around the world. Her study and work is internationally recognized with Awards and mentions in International Magazines

Architectural Lighting Designer with more than 15 years of international experience. Currently working as Lighting Design Leader for Verkís Consulting Engineers in Iceland. Co-editor at Nordic Nightscapes, and Associate member of the IALD. Member and former vice-chairman of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Iceland (Ljóstaeknifélagid Ísland). Speaker and workshop-head for various lighting related events. Extremely enthusiastic about light applied into the built environment.

David Gilbey

David Gilbey is the Founder of d-lighting lighting and visual design. As the world has become more visual David’s theatrical lighting background puts him in a great position to master the artistic and technical aspects of a project. David has a holistic approach to design and his DNA is to take a story telling approach to lighting design and to try to capture the soul of a project, he has worked on prestigious developments globally. David believes that our degrees are a line in time and that we have to keep ourselves interested and interesting by continuously researching, learning and asking questions.

Elisa Hilgen

Elisa is an independent lighting designer & Light artist. Working as a lighting coordinator for the 'City of Light' project in Jyväskylä, Central Finland for the past 4.5 years, making it the leading city with regards to new lighting solutions & a pioneer in the field of good urban lighting. Elisa's previous experience in lighting design also included interior environments, social and environmental art projects and light festival production.

Gary Thornton

Gary brings creative and technical expertise to each and every project he works on, bringing life to internal and external spaces through light. Drawing on previous design experience and combining it with pushing the boundaries of new technology he seeks to provide innovative lighting solutions realised from concept to completion. High-end hotels and resorts, facades, leisure areas, and landscapes are Gary’s forte having completed many award-winning international projects. Heading up a team of designers at Nulty he is involved in managing the day-to-day running of projects as well as being heavily involved in all stages of their development from conceptualisation through to implementation.

Inessa Lomas

Inessa Demidova Lomas

Elisa is an independent lighting designer & Light artist. Working as a lighting coordinator for the 'City of Light' project in Jyväskylä, Central Finland for the past 4.5 years, making it the leading city with regards to new lighting solutions & a pioneer in the field of good urban lighting. Elisa's previous experience in lighting design also included interior environments, social and environmental art projects and light festival production.

James Poore

James Poore

Kit + Kaboodle was established in 2002 is mainly focussed on the event and entertainment industry. JPLD was formed in 2006 and is an award-winning dedicated lighting design consultancy concentrating on all aspects of lighting design. I have enjoyed a colourful workload of schemes and projects in the UK, Europe, The Americas, Canada, Australia and Oceania, Russia, Asia and the UAE. From multi-million pound refits of shopping centres and malls, exterior and landscape lighting design, Health Spa's, retail lighting, duty free and retail at various international airports, museum lighting, mixed use developments, Bars and Restaurants, Lighting festivals, master planning, interior and exterior lighting of various private residences, art projects, public realm and even some castles and palaces. I have been honoured to lecture and give talks at international design shows, lighting conferences and trade shows, I have chaired various lighting conferences, written for a number of publications on design and lighting. I am a proud member and regional representative of the SLL (Society of Light and Lighting) and CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) as well as the ILP (Institute of Lighting Professionals), where, I sit on the education and architectural committees. I am a fervent supporter of WIL (Women in Lighting) striving to achieve equality within the lighting industry. I am also a fellow of the RSA. Accolades include; DARC Awards, Codega International Lighting Design Awards, Design Week, Designerati, FX International, Landscape Institute Award, Lighting Design Awards, Lux Awards, Public Lighting Award, Retail Week Interiors, RIBA White Rose and Surface Design Awards. For over 20 years now I have also worked as a pyrotechnic design consultant and pyrotechnician. I have designed and implemented stage pyrotechnics for Rock and Pop bands as well as car and product launches and international sporting events. In addition to the Music business I have also worked on pyrotechnics and special effects for the film and television industries including Pinewood, Warner Brothers, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, on both small budget productions and Multi-Million-pound blockbusters. ……and yes, I do enjoy my work! One way or another, its all about light.

Jane Slade

Jane Slade

Jane Slade is an activist at Anatomy of Night, exposing the impact of artificial light on humans and wildlife. She is the host of the podcast Starving for Darkness, a Richard Kelly Grant recipient, a member of the IES Outdoor Nighttime Environment (ONE) Committee, the IES Progress Committee, a contributor to LD+A, and is currently writing a book.

JP Bedell

JP Bedell

For more than two decades, JP has worked with light. He started his career in theatrical lighting design, working off and off-off broadway. He went on to work in commercial/industrial events and television before pivoting to architectural lighting design. He designed for Tirschwell Architectural lighting and Abercrombie and Fitch. For the last eight years, JP has worked as an outside sales rep at SDA Lighting and Controls, where he helps some of the best lighting designers in the world realize their visions. He passionately advocates for lighting as a sustainability, equity, and health instrument in the modern world. JP serves as the industry advisor to the Light and Health Research Center at Mount Sinai. He has spoken at LEDucation, Lightfair, and the IES Conference. JP also makes a lot of lighting content. You can find him on Youtube and Instagram and LinkedIn @deliveredlumens.

Kael Gillam

Kael is an Architectural Lighting Designer, currently working at Hoare Lea in London. Her projects span the commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential sectors. Her designs focus on creating meaningful human-centric experiences and environments. Alongside her duties as a lighting designer, she is championing research in circularity and carbon footprint data modelling to promote a more sustainable future for the industry.

Kyra Xavia

Kyra Xavia

Kyra Xavia is a responsible lighting advocate based in New Zealand. She helps educate decision-makers and the public about the importance of well-executed lighting, nocturnal placemaking, and the value of darkness. Recognised in New Zealand and abroad for her advocacy in these matters, Kyra has co-authored research papers and published articles specific to this subject. She is a delegate for Dark Sky International (formerly the IDA)) and a dark skies ambassador for the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Of particular concern, is the unacknowledged harm of certain characteristics of LED lighting technology that adversely impacts many people's lives.

Lara Elbaz

Lara Elbaz

Lara Elbaz is an Independent Lighting Designer. She graduated in Interior Design at the Escuela de Artes Decorativas, in Madrid with further education in Lighting Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). She works exclusively in the field of Architectural Lighting since 1995. During the first decade of her professional life, she worked at Philips Lighting Spain, acquiring a solid technical background as well as business and marketing experience. She consolidated her Lighting Design skills while collaborating with the Spanish lighting design consultancy, Architectural Lighting Solutions (ALS), where she participated in internationally recognized projects. In 2009 she started her own studio, Lara Elbaz Lighting Design where she combined lighting design for architectural applications with an intense educational activity, participating in international workshops and conferences and teaching Lighting Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED Madrid) where she directed the Lighting Design Master course from 2010 to 2020. She also participates in the Lighting Design Master course at the Universidad politécnica de Barcelona (UPC) since 2011. In 2019 she co-founded ELBAZGILDEMONTES Lighting Design with María Gildemontes, a company that aims at designing sustainable lighting projects sensible to architecture, emotions, health and the environment. She is a Senior Professional Member of APDI (Spanish Lighting Designers Association) where she currently holds the position of President of the Board of Directors.

Melody Culanag

Melody Culanag

[Bio is coming soon]

Monica Vega

Mónica Vega

Monica founded her lighting practice LumLum in México City, where she develops residential, hospitality, retail and cultural projects. She is a speaker and explores light through light art. Her main purpose is to share how light interacts with all matter. How light travels through space and crashes with surfaces and how these materials reflect, contain and mold the light. We are subject and object Surface and observers.

Philip Hammond

Philip is a qualified professional illumination engineer with over 45 years of experience. He graduated Cum Laude as B Illum Eng in 1977 from the London Southbank University (UK). He is a lighting hero and regularly contributes to lighting publications. Phil is the founder of world renowned BHA School of Lighting and Director the of BHA Lighting Design & Consulting. Philip is a member and former branch Chairman of the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA). He is also a member of The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP, United Kingdom) and an Educator member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD, USA).

Ruth Kelly

Ruth Kelly Waskett

Ruth is a lighting consultant with a background in lighting design, engineering, and academia. She’s driven by the need to champion great lighting in buildings, with a focus on integrating natural and artificial light. She has a particular interest in the real-life issues associated with automated building technology, particularly those that offer daylight and lighting control. She also has an interest in the use of immersive technologies to help understand the impact of design decisions. Ruth was President of the Society of Light & Lighting (SLL) in 2021-22, a part of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). She is a regular contributor at events in the Lighting and Built Environment industries. In 2022 she spoke at Hoare Lea’s flagship event, Designing the Future at the Royal Institution. Her talk, Blurred Lines, addressed the topic of how immersive technology and the metaverse could transform our understanding of reality and help us to design better. Ruth has contributed to several lighting guidance documents produced by CIBSE, SLL and others. She is a Board member of CIBSE and a visiting lecturer at University College London, with involvement in the MSc in Light & Lighting and MEng in Engineering & Architectural Design. Ruth was a winner in the Engineering category of the 2022 Women in Lighting Awards.

Sakina Dugawalla

Sakina Dugawalla Moeller

Sakina Dugawalla-Moeller Founder & Design Director . Light.Func Sakina is an experienced lighting design professional educated in the field of interior design. She runs her own award-winning lighting design practice, Light.Func. Established in 2016, the studio has built a reputation for its creativity, versatility, unique and collaborative approach. A Middle Eastern 13-year lighting industry veteran Sakina exhibits creativity, inspiration and intricate technical understanding, leading to uncompromised quality results on all projects – regardless of the project typology. She is passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge, making her a natural leader. Beyond leading Light.Func, she focuses energy and motivation on education, with initiatives such as Light.ication and mentoring students in the region. Sakina is also invested in having a rhetoric and all-inclusive lighting community in the UAE, dedicating time to have an open rapport and find opportunities for collaboration. Due to her dedicated passion to the lighting industry, Sakina is the Women in Lighting Ambassador for the UAE.

Shelley James

Shelley James

I am a lumenologist. I work with clients within and beyond the lighting sector to raise awareness of the impact of light on health and well-being. I have PhD from the Royal College of Art and qualifications in electrical installations and lighting design. Clients include Seoul Semiconductor, Signify, King's College, London and Glaxo Smithkline.

Ximena Munoz

Ximena Munoz

Ximena is a chilean architect and light designer. She studied light design in Milan in 2005 and when she returned to Chile, she founded Luxia, a light design studio focused on architectural lighting, product design and light art. Her first project was a 3D lighting system called Anemix, exhibited on Salone Satellite Milan, on 2007 and 2009. On 2008, she developed Harrods windows for the campaign called “Senses”. On 2015 she made a solo exhibition called “Células” (Cells), exploring modular natural shapes with projection and DMX lighting. Ximena has been developing architectural lighting since 2006. Some of her projects are: Santiago National Library 2009, Izakaya Restaurant at JW Marriot Marquis Dubai 2012, Espacio Riesco Convention Center 2011, Liguria Restaurant 2014 and Movistar Arena 2018. Also she has developed lighting products and solar lighting. On 2010, she developed a modular solar light called SULI, which won two design and innovation prizes in Chile. Since 2013, she started teaching light design for a university and shortly after, she decided to give lessons in her personal studio. On 2018, she founded Ciluz, a Light and Energy Research Center, that create awareness and promote actions about the effects of light in the integral well-being and human development. From there, she collaborates with different public and private institutions in the criteria and project developments that improve life quality.

Zubair Ahmed

Zubair Ahmed

Zubair is the head of Studioplus, a Design & procurement firm for Lighting and Furniture based in India. An architect/Interior Designer by profession, he was also a founding director at DEFA & Space Interior Decorators and Designers. Zubair is a member of the lALD & a strong supporter of the WIL & other Lighting communities worldwide. Ximena is a chilean architect and light designer. She studied light design in Milan in 2005 and when she returned to Chile, she founded Luxia, a light design studio focused on architectural lighting, product design and light art. Her first project was a 3D lighting system called Anemix, exhibited on Salone Satellite Milan, on 2007 and 2009. On 2008, she developed Harrods windows for the campaign called “Senses”. On 2015 she made a solo exhibition called “Células” (Cells), exploring modular natural shapes with projection and DMX lighting.

Jo Calver is the founder and creative director of Isla James Interiors, a fast growing interior design company which specialises in the critical role of lighting in residential and commercial properties. Jo founded her company in 2015 and has been driven from the beginning by her passion for lighting. Her aim is to educate and communicate lighting to others.

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