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The Lighting Police is dedicated to creating simple and enjoyable content for everyone. Our goal? To share vital information in a way that's not only fun but also easy to grasp. We're on a mission to shed light on different topics, emphasizing how essential proper lighting is for our health, happiness, productivity, mental well-being, and daily routines.

Our journey began with the first captivating chapter on Color Temperature. We then delved into the realm of Light Pollution, collaborating with various organizations committed to safeguarding our starry skies. Together, we work towards the common goal of preserving the natural beauty of our nights.

What's in store for the upcoming chapters? Brace yourself for enlightening insights into the relationship between light and health. We'll be focusing on the impact of glare, flicker, and poor-quality lighting on our well-being. Through engaging discussions, we'll reveal how these factors affect us and what we can do to improve the light around us.

Join us as we continue to explore the enchanting world of illumination. The Lighting Police is here to provide you with an exciting and educational experience, one chapter at a time. Let's shine a spotlight on its significance in our lives!


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We deeply believe that in order to encourage individuals to observe the light in their surroundings, question its suitability for their eyes and moods, and empower them to adjust or request improvements, they must possess the right knowledge. Equipped with this information, they can take meaningful action and engage with experts to seek assistance. 

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The internet is overflowing with educational resources covering topics like light pollution, sustainability, best lighting practices, online courses, and valuable content that disseminates knowledge and promotes awareness. The Lighting Police platform aspires to serve as a unifying hub, where we showcase and promote the endeavors of our collaborators, fostering mutual support. Together, we aim to illuminate the role of light in our lives and inspire the general public to start observing more consciously! 


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