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How the project started

The Lighting Police was born in London in 2020 as a lighthearted community initiative with a powerful mission: to shed light on the importance of proper lighting in our lives.

The journey began when Katia Kolovea, a London based lighting designer, visited a museum in London and was struck by the poor quality of light. The core issue lay in a lack of maintenance and outdated technology, leaving sculptures in shadows or poorly illuminated, with lights often unfocused and the wrong color temperature.

In response, Katia took to her personal Instagram account, @Archifos, to share a series of stories, urging her friends to observe light more consciously. She also called upon fellow lighting designers to unite in a movement similar to the "Fashion Police," infusing a sense of fun and humor into the discourse. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of people from all corners of the globe voicing their support, recognizing the need for such a movement in their own communities. Without hesitation, Katia embarked on this journey, starting with Instagram and LinkedIn pages, and The Lighting Police was born.

How the lighting police movement started


We are a collective of passionate professionals with the mission to raise awareness about the importance of adequate light in our lives

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We envision a global network of lighting experts, sociologists, architects, urban planners, government and policy makers, educational institutions, associations of the lighting industry and beyond, press media partners, manufacturers, healthcare professionals, scientists and local residents and communities, coming together to raise awareness about adequate light.


A global educational platform focusing on initiating conversations and learning. We are raising awareness about the importance of adequate light in our lives and the spaces that surround us inspiring action and engagement amongst all participants.


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We are here to raise awareness and spark constructive conversations

The project's essence is entirely educational, with no intention to cause offense to any individual or brand. Our curation is deeply considerate, aimed at delivering valuable insights and fostering constructive dialogues. Every piece of information undergoes thorough review and editing, with contributions from our global advisory board.

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Core members of TLP

The Lighting Police is a nonprofit educational platform where we channel our passion and dedicate our valuable time to a shared mission: raising awareness and inspiring a fresh perspective on light worldwide. Your input and support are highly appreciated!

Katia Kolovea TLP team

Founder & Curator

Katia Kolovea

Katia is the founder of Archifos and the Lighting Police. She is a lighting designer, dedicated to advancing the Lighting Design Profession. She actively engages in community and educational lighting projects and has been invited to speak on various subjects like light, communication, and mentorship from organizations and universities worldwide.

Dipali Shirsat TLP team

Communications Manager

Dipali Shirsat

Dipali Shirsat, founder of 'The Visual Poetry,' merges her artistic background with 7+ years of international lighting design experience. Her inclusive design approach and research on multisensory design earned her recognition and awards in the field. She is a core member of the TLP team, managing all communications amongst collaborators and the advisory board. 

Anastasia Angeli TLP team

Social Media Manager

Anastasia Angeli

Anastasia Angeli is a lighting application specialist at Signify in Sweden. Having a background in architecture and urban planning, she is involved in projects, incorporating different interests of hers: lighting (of course), event planning, photography, and jazz music. Anastasia is a core TLP member managing Social media, and daily engaging with the international community.

Tanzina Khan TLP team

Visual Communications

Tanzina Khan

Tanzina is a lighting designer at ARUP in Manchester team, UK. She has a background of Architecture in Bangladesh. She has been building her journey as a lighting designer for 6 years. She finds her interest in lighting of public realm and natural light in healthcare and wellbeing. Tanzina is a core member of TLP helping the creation of visual communication contents. 

Thank you to everyone involved with the lighting police

Collaboration is the key for meaningful impact.

Special thanks

We are immensely grateful to Poua Graphic Design Agency in Athens for their outstanding work in creating a truly remarkable logo for the Lighting Police project. Their exceptional creativity and attention to detail have resulted in a logo that perfectly captures the essence of our initiative.

In addition to Poua Graphic Design Agency, we would like to extend special kudos to one of our past TLP core members, Elsa Sawma, who brilliantly contributed to TLP’s visual communication journey.

In addition to Elsa, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to several dear friends and collaborators who were among the platform's early supporters. They provided invaluable insights and ideas during the initial brainstorming and development stage. A special thank you to Johan and Kerem!

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