The Lighting Police team is delighted to be participating in the BHA School of Lighting Webinar Series!

On the 20th of July 2023, we presented episode 7: “Introducing the Lighting Police by Guest Presenter Katia Kolovea (CPD Activity)”

Read the full newsletter from the organizers here.

Summary of the presentation: Join us for an illuminating webinar as we introduce The Lighting Police (TLP), a global educational platform dedicated to promoting the importance of the right light. Hosted by the founder of the TLP, we will share the project’s vision, goals, and processes and invite you to join and contribute to our collaborative community. We’ll delve into the three most important topics we need to communicate to the general public and analyze the importance of engagement, constructive conversations, awareness, and the lighting designer’s responsibility in shaping a better future.

We have selected some key moments of the webinar that you can watch here and on our social media!

The full video of the webinar is available on a private view only and therefore if you are interested in checking it out, reach out to our team for further instructions!